Large Yellow Chinese Imperial Porcelain Vase 20.5 inches Tall


$ 297.75

The British Museum has this to say about Chinese Porcelain,  "Porcelain was invented in China, perhaps as early as the seventh or eighth century AD. The Chinese use the word ci to mean either porcelain or stoneware, not distinguishing between the two. In the West, porcelain usually refers to high-fired (about 1300º) white ceramics, whose bodies are translucent and make a ringing sound when struck. Stoneware is a tougher, non-translucent material, fired to a lower temperature (1100-1250º). A number of white ceramics were made in China, several of which might be termed porcelain. The northern porcelains, such as Ding ware, were made predominantly of clay rich in kaolin. In southern China, porcelain stone was the main material. At the imperial kilns at Jingdezhen, Jiangxi province, kaolin was added to porcelain stone; in Fujian province, on the coast and east of Jiangxi, porcelain stone was used alone. This large Yellow Vase is fine Chinese porcelain with a lovely craquelure. This piece will add a bit of warm color to any room in which you choose to display it. Use it for a bouquet of flowers or display it as the work of art it is. This piece will work well in your home or office.


Dimensions:  20.5 inches Tall X 7 inches Diameter


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