Large Blue and White Chinese Porcelain Centerpiece Bowl with Craquelure


$ 347.57

This Large Blue and White Chinese Porcelain Centerpiece Bowl has been Hand Painted by Chinese artisans. It has a wonderful antique look due to the Craquelure which can be seen in the close-up of the piece. This piece is everything you want in Chinese blue and white porcelain. In about the 9th century, Chinese artisans abandoned the Han blue colour they had used for centuries, and began to use cobalt blue, made with cobalt salts of alumina, to manufacture fine blue and white porcelain, The plates and vases were shaped, dried, the paint applied with a brush, covered with a clear glaze, then fired at a high temperature. Beginning in the 14th century, this type of porcelain was exported in large quantity to Europe where it inspired a whole style of art, called Chinoiserie. European courts tried for many years to imitate Chinese blue and white porcelain, but only succeeded in the 18th century after a missionary brought the secret back from China. This beautiful piece is large enough to command centerpiece status or for use as a fruit bowl. You may chose to display it as the work of art it is with no need for fruit or flowers. It is a piece complete in itself.


Dimensions:  16.5 inches Diameter X 7.5 inches Tall


3 - D013 




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