Franz Porcelain Island Beauty Hibiscus Flower Bowl - Red


$ 295.00

FRANZ PORCELAIN ISLAND BEAUTY BOWL - Franz porcelains capture cultural, artistic, and fashion elements. More than a dozen separate processes go into the production of the intricately sculpted Franz Porcelain tabletop, vases, and decorative accents. This item measures 9 3/4 x 7 3/8 x 4 3/8. Save over normal retail. Each piece is NEW and come in FRANZ ORIGINAL BOX. I have enjoyed this and other Franz pieces for a few years. They have been displayed on the top shelf of my floor to ceiling bookcase which houses my rare book collection. Now I need more space for books so these pieces must go. They are as new with no damage or dings.I saved the original boxes so they will arrive in original packaging. I am looking for a good home for this precious piece. Enjoy!


Item Weight: 4 pounds




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