Framed Arts & Crafts Signed Ltd Block Print by Yoshiko Yamamoto Snail & Mt Fuji


$ 265.50

Yoshiko created this linoleum blockprint called "Snail & Mt Fuji", inspired by a senryu by Kobayashi Issa that goes "Fearless little snail / Slowly, slowly you can climb / Great Fuji mountain." (translation by Yoshiko Yamamoto & Alan Futterman.) It is printed letterpress at The Arts & Crafts Press on their vandercook model 219.

Limited edition of 250 prints. Artist Signed and Numbered

Matted size: 11" x 19".

Framed size: 15" x 24"


Founded by Yoshiko Yamamoto & Bruce Smith, The Arts and Crafts Press is a small letterpress printing studio. Begun as a publishing house concerned with the historic Arts and Crafts movement, all the publications of The Arts and Crafts Press have been letterpress printed and bound by hand. Today the Press produces greeting cards and limited-edition blockprints that are letterpress printed from hand cut blocks inspired by the turn-of-the-century movement. All of current note cards and prints are designed by Yoshiko Yamamoto.

Yoshiko loves working in the tradition of block printing that once flourished in her home country of Japan. She especially respects the belief that artwork should be based on sound craftsmanship, a creed that She has found reflected in the Arts and Crafts movement here in America, the other powerful influence on her work.

But yet, it is the Japanese sense of spontaneity that she keeps returning to, the idea that a work of art should capture a moment caught in time, a moment that holds the essence of why we live, whether it is in the rising grandeur of Mt. Rainier, or the fragility of a spider’s web spun across a branch of a tree.

A block print is a print made from handcut/machine cut blocks. Following the Japanese tradition, after pencil sketches and watercolor renditions, she carves the outline block by chisels. After the outline block is carved, she pulls the first image on a very thin sheet of paper, which then is turned upside down and pasted onto the multiple colors that she needs to carve.

When all the blocks are ready, then she takes each block and locks them into the antique printing presses. Yoshinko then hand mixes each color and print each color, using all the blocks that she prepared. She sometimes uses over 20 blocks to create the desired effect.

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